Gmail login

Gmail has been the first choice for lots of people since it offers tons of benefits as an email provider. Amid other email providers that we can find on the internet such as Hotmail, rocketmail, and also Ymail. Gmail has thrived to be the leading email provider with some of its advantageous aspects. The first noticeable aspect from Gmail is the labelling system. This system allows us to create as many labels as we can hence we are able to sort our emails neatly. Other benefits such as 2-step verification makes us safer in accessing our Gmail account nowadays. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for some of us who are still unsure about which email provider that suits us since Gmail covers everything that we need in email service.

Steps before Gmail login

There are basically some things to be known before we start using Gmail where for example is knowing more about Gmail login. It is actually the way for us to having an access to our Gmail account where in here, we are going to give simple guides that will really help us. The first step that must be taken for Gmail login is to type on in the search bar. By clicking enter, it will bring us to Gmail’s first page hence we can continue to the next step. Need to be reminded that Gmail login can only be executed once we already have our Gmail account. Therefore, if we don’t have any, it is suggested to start making our own Gmail account.

How to login to Gmail?

The second step would be to click the Gmail sign in button where it is located on the far top right corner of the Gmail’s webpage. Clicking the button will lead us to the next step which is to fill our username along with our password. Now in here, it’s pretty common if we see our username has been there before we type it where in this matter, we probably have saved our username before. If it happens to be our username, we may continue to fill the password field with our password. However it turns out to be not our username, we can retype our username then fill the password.

Gmail login - 2 step verification

The third step for Gmail login is to fully understand about 2-step verification. It is apparently the latest feature which has been added to Gmail in order to fully protect its users. We can only pass this step if we have inserted the right phone number back when we were making our Gmail account. The main purpose of this feature is to anticipate unauthorized people in accessing our Gmail account. It works very simple actually where all we need to do is to insert the verification code which is sent to our mobile phone. If the verification code correct then we will be immediately transferred to our Gmail account. Those three steps are basically the only steps that we need to take for Gmail login therefore if we successfully pass those steps, we will be logged into our Gmail account.

How to login to Gmail on Apple gadgets

However, there are some extra steps that are needed to be taken if we happen to be an Apple user. Why? It is because Gmail makes slight changes for Apple gadgets hence we need to be careful while we are trying to Gmail login. The first extra step is to create app passwords. App passwords system is specially designed for Apple gadgets hence we don’t need to have it unless we try to Gmail login by using apple gadgets. To create our app passwords, we need to log into our Google account which can be done in our PC or other gadgets. After we logged into our Google account, make sure we click “select app” button and choose the app that we are going to use which is mail. The next thing to do is to select our Apple gadget either it is IPhone or IPad. Once we have done it, click “generate” button then follow the instruction to enter our app password. Soon after that, click “done” button.

Locate and Fill the Password Field

The next extra step is to locate our Google account in our IPhone or our IPad.  How to get it done? Firstly, we need to choose settings in our Apple gadgets then choose Mail, contacts, and Calendars.  Then, choose our Google account from that list and click account subsequently. The last extra step is to enter our app password into the given password field in our Google Account. Finally, enter the app password that we have generated in the first extra step. If we have successfully done it, congratulations, we have finally made our Gmail account to be able to be used in our Apple Gadgets. Those basic steps along with extra steps are necessary to be known for all of us who are willing to log into our Gmail account without any problems. It is also the simplest steps so far for Gmail login. For more information about you can view here