Gmail sign in

Google as one of the search engine behemoth has launched Gmail as one of the leading email provider currently on the internet. Gmail has everything that we need in email provider starting from personal use, group use, until business use. Gmail is also known as its good performance which offers decent loading speed comparing to other email providers hence people are more likely to use Gmail as its email address. In order to know better about Gmail, we need to know several terms that are commonly found in Gmail website page such as log in, sign in, sign out, sign up, and other terms. Each term will lead us to different function hence we must carefully choose it in order to get to the function that we desire to use.

How to sign in to Gmail

Gmail sign in is what we are going to discuss in here where we are going to tell you step by step about how to use Gmail sign in. The main purpose to choose this term is to get us into our Gmail account hence we can do the sending and receiving email activities. The first step for Gmail sign is it to visit where in here, we are going to find this term on the very first page. Once we clicked the “sign in” button then we will be urged to fill the username and password of our Google account. The third step is to check either there has already been a username in the username space or not. If there is a username and it is our username then we may proceed to fill the password space however if it’s not ours then we can choose to sign in with different account.

Gmail sign in - 2 step verification

Once we fill our username and our password, we may click the sign in button where it leads us to the next step which is to fill the verification code. It is actually the part of 2-step verification method which is implemented by Gmail in order to prevent intruders to hack our Gmail account. In this step, we just need to fill the given space with the verification code above the given space. If we happen to succeed passing this step, congratulations, now we will be directly transferred to our Gmail account and we will be able to send, receive, and open emails.

How to sign in to Gmail on Apple gadgets

Those steps are given for those who are using PC to do the Gmail sign in whereas there are some slight differences in the step to do Gmail sign in if we happen to be an Apple device user. Now this can be tricky for some of us who are still unfamiliar with the use of Gmail in Apple gadgets. The very first step to be taken is to create an app password in order to get into our Gmail account. Yes, it may confuse us since we won’t find the “app password” term in other platforms. This is because Apple devices doesn’t recognize the 2-step verification method which has been implemented to Gmail previously hence Apple uses app password to replace the use of verification code. The second step would be to select the mail app and also to select the proper device that we currently use. Once it is done, the last step would be to click generate. Finally, we will be able to get into our Gmail account with no problem at all in our Apple gadget. This is a special Gmail sign in that must be followed by Apple users since we won’t make it through our Gmail account unless we use the previously-explained steps. Gmail sign in is actually pretty simple if we follow all the given steps carefully.