Gmail sign up

Gmail as on the leading email providers has been the first choice for everyone to send or receive emails either for personal purpose or even for business purpose. Gmail has every important aspect that we need in an email provider, starting from its extremely fast loading speed until its affiliation with lots of other companies such as Google, GooglePlus, Play Store, Youtube, and many others. Although we already have other email accounts, creating our own Gmail address is necessary since more and more people have been using Gmail. Its strong affiliation with Android has also urged the Android gadget users to make their own Gmail account in order to have a free access to Play Store. Its simplicity is one of the main selling point of this Google’s email provider where it won’t confuse us with perplexed steps in order to make our own Gmail account. Another thing that should be known is that Gmail is completely a free of charge email provider hence we can get our email address freely.

How to sign up for Gmail

As what has been mentioned before, creating our own Gmail account doesn’t urge us to follow some perplexed steps whereas we just need to take some simple steps before having our own Gmail account. First things first, we need to visit in order to start the process of Gmail sign up. The second step is to click the “create account” button on the top right corner of the page which is basically similar with Gmail sign up. After we clicked that button, we will be transferred to another page where in here we are urged to finish the next step. The third step is to fill all the required data on this page. Before we fill the data as the part of Gmail sign up, we can see on the left part of this page about some websites that are affiliated with Gmail and also Gmail compatibility with every kind of device. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Anyway, let’s get back to the main topic, the required data must be filled with real data hence we won’t get any problems in the future.

Steps for Gmail sign up

If we have filled all the data, the next step in Gmail sign up is to provide our current alternative address where Gmail can send us notifications about our new Gmail account and the last step would be to fill the verification code in order to prove that we are not robots. Once we do all steps properly, congratulations, we just got our new Gmail account where we can start using it right away. Those steps for Gmail sign up is pretty easy to be done since it is faster and doesn’t involve any confusing steps.

Additional steps for Gmail sign up

There is actually another step that can be taken as an additional effort to protect our Gmail account from losing data, contacts, or other important stuffs in our Gmail account. It is basically some other simple steps in setting up recovery by using our phone number or email address. Some of us tend to skip this part since it is not really that necessary for them whereas it is factually very important to secure our data. This additional step of Gmail sign up where all we need to do is to insert our phone number and our other email address which will be used once our Gmail account is automatically locked up due to several incidents. It is also recommended to use our personal phone number or email address to prevent anyone to gain access to our Gmail account. In conclusion, Gmail sign up is pretty simple and easy where all we have to do is to follow the steps.